Set Your Intentions Sis

The New Year can invoke many different emotions in us based on where we are emotionally, physically and psychologically. 2020 has been one hell of a year and many of us have experienced loss in more ways than one. Many have lost those they love. We’ve experienced loss of freedom to move and go about like we normally do. Many may have also gained from this year. Hopefully we’ve all walked away with a sense that change can happen in an instant and how we respond to change determines our very survival.

With all of that being said, the start of the year is a perfect time to set your intentions for all of the good that you deserve and desire in the coming year. Here are some ways to organize and create your intentions. I know we all love the computer and the magic of technology but there is something about writing intentions down with pen and paper that makes the magic happen.

Intentions Setting Method– Avoid the use of the phrase “I want” when setting intentions or when speaking affirmations. The word “want” invokes a feeling of need and we are not moving in a needy direction. Strive to use the phrase “I am” instead.

2021 Intentions

I am starting——-

I am sharing——-

I am quitting——–

I am continuing——

I am going to be—–

I am learning——-

Set intentions in areas of your life where there is room for improvement. Categorize it. Set two or more intentions in areas such as: Family, Health/Wellness, Career, School/Education, Personal, and Spiritual.

For Example:


  1. I spend more than 1 hour a day connecting to and being present with those I love.
  2. We eat dinner together five days a week
  3. We have game night weekly
  4. We have Sunday devotions weekly

Now that you have a starting point, sit down, grab your journal and start setting your own intentions.


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