It’s (Still) All About The Benjamins Baby.


How much time do you spend learning about your money? Do you spend more time surfing the web and visiting social media sites than you do trolling the market stats or The Motley Fool? No worries. You are not alone and I too am guilty but the plan is to get better. We aren’t taught much about investing, money or financial planning in school (at any level) so it is up to us as independent individuals to gain knowledge ourselves in order to see how our money is currently working and for whom it is working for. If your money is in a traditional savings account at your local bank, odds are your money is not working best for you. This is because the interest you get is such a small one that it does not truly benefit you to have your money in a bank. The benefit goes to the bank that is in current possession of your coins. Finding the right investment vehicle that works in your best interest, in the long run, and for your money is crucial for financial freedom.


One quick way to educate yourself on a daily basis about money and master the terms that you need to know is to read the “Money Section” of the newspaper. If you don’t have access to hard copies of The New York Times , The Wall Street Journal or USA Today then subscribe to them online. Your money wants you to start speaking it’s language.


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