A Renaissance in Washington DC.

Living in NYC is great but everyone knows that no other city in the world beats our hectic pace. Every New Yorker knows the best thing about New York is finding accessible places outside of NYC to escape the fast pace of the city.

One of our favorite places to find this respite is Washington DC. It’s a quick $25 MegaBus ride away. Don’t act like you don’t hop on the MegaBus every now and then. I sure do. The great thing about any bus to DC is that it drops you off right in the hub of Downtown. If you drive and feel like doing the 4 or 5 hour drive from NYC to Downtown DC then have at it. Road trip! I like to stop at the rest stops on the highway just because I don’t need a break, I just want to cruise the snack isle and treat myself to Starbucks coffee.

Our recent weekend getaway from NYC brought us to the gorgeous Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Washington, DC. The hotel looks and smells even better than it looks. Weird right, who talks about smells? I do, because this lobby smells like heaven. The rooms and views are breathtaking, friendly service from all hotel staff and a book nook that made me not want to go back to my room. Check out our stay below:

This amazing library is in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel. You can sink yourself into a comfy chair and dig into a good book for hours here. It’s modern, chic yet cozy. I want one of these at home.


Took advantage of a quiet Sunday morning and rode the scooters. They are popular and on just about every sidewalk.
We popped into the National Portrait Gallery right upon their 11:30am open time on Sunday. We had lots of grounds to cover because we came to see Michelle Obama’s portrait. Here is our Forever President.
What a great surprise it was to see this AMAZING oil on canvas painting of Toni Morrison.
Here she is, Ms. America!! We came, we saw and we conquered.

Here is our room at The Renaissance: The bathroom was spacious, clean and there were touches of  the history of Washington DC in every section of the room. No stones were left unturned.

The Aveda toiletries.


Your room is equipped with a great guide to DC.


This is a photo essay wallpaper in the bathroom. I was so impressed by it. I love the photos.


I mean, they utilize every space. Can you spot your Founding Father’s signature on the wallpaper in the closet?
The most important part of any room is a comfy bed.
A stately chair placed near a picturesque window for reading. Sign me up for it. There were travel/lifestyle magazines placed on the side table just for your perusal.
Enough space to do yoga.
And for you girls and guys who can’t leave the room without a full outfit pic, they’ve got you covered.
A view of the first public library in DC that has been converted into an Apple Store but also houses the Carnegie Photo Gallery and the DC Visitor Center. It’s a must see.
Side table mag swag.


Public Library: Carnegie Photo Library. This space is airy and beautiful despite it being on the lower level of the building.
Public Library at Dusk.
Entrance to Carnegie Library

Renaissance Hotel: Downtown DC


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