Start a Mastermind Group to Improve Your Productivity

Well, are you guys still as motivated as you were at the top of the year or when you first wrote down that goal to change your life from what it is now where you know it can be? I know, staying motivated is tough. Not gonna sugarcoat it because it is. I struggle with staying consistent and motivated but I find that the one thing that keeps me accountable, more so than my accountability partner, is to write down your daily goals. Consistency is important because it helps to improve your productivity.

One Tip to Help Your Stay Productive:

Create a Mastermind Group with one to two motivated, powerful, bright, creative go-getters that you know. They don’t have to be the CEO or Founder of any groups or organizations (if you get some of those people then that is extremely cool) in order to be productive and informative. It is important that the folks you are creating and sharing with are LIKE MINDED. Having similar goals and motivations is the key to a successful and fruitful Mastermind Group.

Meet over FaceTime or Skype once a week to discuss a specific goal that he/she worked on the week prior to the phone meeting. Give each person a specific amount of time during the phone sessions to discuss or brainstorm regarding their specific goals.



My daily goals are written down on paper, re-evaluated at the close of the day and measured to see if the goal has been accomplished or not. There is just a magic in seeing things in writing. I feel extremely guilty if the goals that I write down are not completed. If guilting works then guilt away.

According to Forbes:

7 Reasons To Join A Mastermind Group



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