How To Edition: “Quick” or “Pronto” Weave.

I haven’t worn a weave in a few years. I used to be a big fan of a sew in but, in truth, I just don’t feel like spending a small fortune on hair on a regular basis or even fuss with hair that does not grow out of my own scalp. My hair gives me enough of a hassle which leads me to wearing a low bun on a regular basis. I am not the norm. There are plenty of Brooklyn girls rocking their curly or TWA natural hair one day and then the next day wearing installs that flows way down to their bottoms. That’s it. That is the reason why I have always loved a proper weave. The versatility!

A weave can be good and quick. One of my very favorite “Quick” or “Pronto” weave video tutorials was done by Ming Lee a few years back before she became a hair weave sales goddess. She is currently winning in the weave game. I followed the steps in her video to achieve a weaved style that can be worn up or pulled back without the dreaded “track” showing.

Check the video below:


Steps and Tools Used to Achieve the “Pronto” Weave:

Choose the hair of your liking. I like a curly hair that is low maintenance. This is an Italian Body Wave by Harlem 125 Hair. You don’t have to curl the hair daily and it refreshes with water and a little curl cream.
You need a great hair bonding glue. This one is from Salon Pro and it is the medium sized bottle. You need needle and thread (for hair) in order to sew the wig cap onto the perimeter of your braided hair. Lastly, use two wig caps when doing this install. The doubling of the caps protects your hair from the hair bonding glue.
Don’t forget about keeping your hair healthy throughout this install process. Wash, condition and apply a good leave in conditioner before braiding your hair for the install process.
Look at that color! The pictured hair is a number 4 (light brown color). I blended a number 4 (light brown) and a number 2 (dark brown) for my install.
Braid your hair and leave out your “edges” along with a small portion in the front of your hair in a “U” shape. Place the doubled wig cap over the braids and sew the caps onto the perimeter of your braids. Cut out the “U” shaped leave out hair portion and then begin bonding the hair onto the cap.
Bond the hair from the base of your hair all the way to the very top. Cut the hair in order to layer over the cap in accordance to the width of your head. The top is a little tricky to get right. Good luck. Tip is to cut small strips of the hair and bond it in vertically instead of horizontally.
All done. Hair can be styled several ways without your “track” showing. Wish me luck with blending my frizzy leave-out.

Which protective style(s) are you wearing this winter?


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