Jonas, No Brothers.

As much as I am not a fan of Winter and the cold weather, I must admit that I love a snow day. We just survived Winter Storm Jonas here in NYC and it’s nice to have the whole city on slow. New York is so fast moving and 24 hour driven so it is a rare treat to walk in the middle of the street with no cars and little to no people. You tune into the local channel and the newscasters keep you up to date on the path of the storm and what are neighbors are doing in the different boroughs. Once the storm is over, its time to climb out of the bed or the couch and find the shovels and salt and get to digging. On my block, and all over the city it seems, neighbors come out and help each other clear sidewalks, car tires and slippery steps. Children do their best to track snow back into all of the spots that you’ve cleared with their running and sledding up and down the block.

As much as I enjoyed the weekend storm, I hope for plenty of sun this week to clear the messy, slushie snow  and the only Jonas I want to hear from again are the ones that are brothers.



Here is our Jonas adventure. Shot by our resident photographer @johnricard



Brooklyn is beautiful, even in a storm.

How was your storm adventure?pixel (6).gif

pixel (6)




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