Fresh Face for Spring: Essence Beauty Box Edition

I am not a big make-up, beauty girl because I suck at applying makeup but I do love it when I see beautiful makeup applied on gorgeous skin. At 40, I realize that my skin needs better care more now than ever. Yes, at 40 your skin can be prone do dryness or oiliness and pimples. My skin changes from day to day and it is harder to look “fresh faced” when I wake up in the morning. I love a good foundation but I don’t want to be a slave to it. I want to be able to have healthy skin that can go without foundation. I know, I may be asking for too much. LOL. This month’s (May’s) Essence Beauty Box had two gems that I have really been in love with. The face wash from Equitance paired with the light face oil from Biossance are BOMB.

The Beauty Box Stars:

The Equitance Face Wash: Goes on creamy but lathers and feels amazingly soft and leaves skin silky smooth.


The Biossance Face Oil: Light face oil that absorbs easily into the skin and leaves your face fresh, luminous and radiant enough to go without foundation.


Let me also add that these are small sample sized products from the box but a little goes a long way. I’ve been using these two for a little over a week now and still have enough product for another week.

The Full Beauty Box Lineup:


In reality, this is really an All-Star box. Oh wait, I’m missing a great shiny lipgloss that I gifted to my 11-year old daughter. She loves lipgloss. She is also fascinated and in love with the Poo-Pourri. (Insert weird emoji face). It really does work and leaves a great sandlewood scent in the bathroom. I’ll be getting more of this stuff again. Also great lose with the Simple face wipes and a great Pur mascara. May was a good month.

What is your skin care regimen for healthy skin?


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