Hudson Hotel: NYC Staycation

IMG_7254IMG_7263IMG_7265IMG_7266IMG_7267There is nothing I love more than an overnight stay in Manhattan. As a Brooklynite, Manhattan is a stones throw from home but it seems worlds away from Brooklyn. Well, truthfully, Brooklyn now feels like the new Manhattan. I still enjoy the respite. Maybe I just like waking up in a new space. A new room. A new bed.

We visited the Hudson Hotel in NYCs Columbus Cirlse recently and ever though the rooms there are small, the hotel itself is full of fun (adult) activities.

Thrre are two amazing yet quaint bars that whose decor make you feel like you are in someone’s IG picture. Don’t leave without a visit to Umami Burger. The restraint is amazing and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is an amazing fireplace inside of the restaurant and you can nosh and sip on a leather couch in front of the fire. You can’t do that at home?

The hotel has an indoor/outdoor feel. This amazing mass of ivy covers the ceiling at the front desk.
The furniture has an outdoor aesthetic and feel and many pieces are made out of solid wood, like this lamp.
The wooden log actually serves as a bench.
Umami Burger is popping’! They served great burgers, upbeat music all a la carte.
There is a good and reasonably priced breakfast menu at Umami Burger.
Umami art and the fireplace is the backbone.
Keep it blazing.
Perfect spot to unwind.
Coffee, comfy boots and phone.

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