Workout Wear As Everyday Wear. NYC 18th Street and 5th Ave.

I’ve deemed 18th street and 5th Ave as the workout Mecca of New York City. On that city block or its’ proximity there are major athletic wear stores for women such as Tory Burch Sport, Athleta, and Lululemon. Athleta has a wonderful workout studio and offer FREE classes for customers. The classes are taught by certified yoga and dance instructors and offer a great burn in a great environment. They also have a great girls line and also offer workshops geared toward healthy body image for young girls. I love that!

The ladies in Lower Manhattan are decked out in workout wear for errands and the gym. They are still NYC chic even when decked in spandex. The outfits are normally topped by a cool jacket and killer shades. You are now ready to slay the streets or the gym.

Some of our favorite celebs who rock workout wear as everyday wear:


Nicole Richie
Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams
Taylor Swift
Beyonce in Ivy Park
Gabrielle Union
hannah bronfman 2
Hannah Bronfman
Kim Kardashian
Gabrielle Post Workout

What are you wearing to the gym?



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