Prosperity Consciousness


How do you achieve success? It’s an age old questions and millions of books have been written on the subject. There are as many recipes as there are books on becoming successful. If you read the texts and study the principles you find that they all have a common thread- success comes through your thoughts before it is materialized.

The Wright Brothers had to have the idea or mental image of flying or flight before discovering and airplane.

In truth, we now have millions of memes and your aunt sends you those Facebook Messenger posts about the power of positive thinking. It can feel inundating at times to see the same ole sayings that become popular on social media but your success actually does start first with your thoughts.


Prosperity Consciousness

To garner success, first see yourself in the space mentally where you are successful. We are surrounded by abundance and all that we need and all of the intelligence that we crave is in the here and now. There never has been and never will be a lack of anything. We have to keep in mind that all that we are we can become. Conquer your mind and form a clear image of what a successful you looks like.

Start seeing yourself in minds eye or in possession of whatever you desire most.

What do you desire most? what does success look like you?



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