Next Read: “Impolite Conversations” by Cora Daniels and John L. Jackson, Jr.

There are certain topics that we all gravitate towards. Topics that are soul stirring. They may make you angry, sad, and you may even find humor in some if it. The book, “Impolite Conversations” by Cora Daniels and John Jackson, Jr has the words “Race, Politics, Sex, Money, and Religion” in conversation bubbles smack dab in the middle of it’s front cover. I am here for all of those topics. I love hearing/reading intelligent tidbits on all of those topics because we all know first hand about one of these topics as they relate to yourselves or our community. I really expect great commentary from Daniels and Jackson and I’m hoping to walk away from this book with a new piece of knowledge or insight about all or one of the topics mentioned.

The chapters in “Impolite Conversations” are divided by pieces of writing by either Jackson or Daniels. A chapter by Jackson that makes me giggle a bit is titled, “Obama makes Whites Whiter” and Daniel’s chapter that makes me go “mmm” is titled, “Are Black people still overchurched?”




Check out Cora Daniels bio at

Twitter: @iamcoradaniels

John Jackson, Jr. can be searched and found at The University of Pennsylvania


Pick up your own copy and read along with me. Let’s share out when through.


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