A Short Layered Cut and a Sassy Coat.

I’ve been obsessing about a cut and a color recently. I would like to testify. I think about hair accoutrements way more than I should and way more than I would truly like to confess. I am guilty. So a few days ago, I woke up and decided that I want shorter hair. I didn’t google the stylist or the salon. I just walked into a spot where there was parking (NYC woes)  and asked for a short layered cut. I did ask the stylist if she does cuts. I’m spur of the moment but I am not crazy. She assured me that she is versed in doing layered cuts and I submitted to the chair and the scissor. The results? I love it! She could have gone a bit shorter and my hair could have been better layered but all together, I am pleased. I would like to add that I am not overly picky or hard to please though.

Today, I picked up my daughter from school and was so happy that it wasn’t raining or freezing cold. She told me her good news. She got a solo in her school’s music performance!  (Happy Fingers). I asked her to shoot a few photos for me because the sun made me happy. She acquiesced and I happily posed for her.IMG_1049IMG_1023IMG_1018IMG_1003

Photos: Angelique R.


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