Easy Summer Pasta

It’s summertime and the weather is fine. What’s better than a great, light ,meal using the available fresh vegetables during the season. This is the perfect time to visit your local farmer’s market and gather fresh veggies like corn, zucchini, asparagus and tomatoes. After you stock up on ripe and in season vegetables, throw them on the grill or sautee them and add it to your favorite dishes.

On nights where I want something more filling than just veggies or a salad, I opt for pasta or orzo added to my favorite carbohydrate. Last night, I got some fresh grape tomatoes, asparagus, baby spinach, fresh shrimp and added it to spaghetti. It’s a great way to get your veggies in and a fantastic way to get your little ones to try and love veggies like asparagus.

Let’s Get Cooking!

Step 1:
Boil your pasta of choice while you prep your vegetables.

Wash and chop your fresh vegetables and put them aside.


Wash and chop your vegetables. Clean and devein your shrimp. Prepare them while you boil your pasta.
Whole grape tomatoes are washed and sliced in half. Wash asparagus and cut off the hard ends. Use the top third of the asparagus. Wash and dry your baby spinach.

Step 2:

After the pasta is al dente take off of the heat and drain.

Add (1-2 tablespoons) olive oil and  (1-2 pats) of butter to the pan that the pasta was boiled in.

Add the chopped asparagus ( harder to cook veggies first) and shrimp and then sautee. Oh, don’t forget to add some freshly chopped garlic to your oil.

Add grape tomatoes and continue to sautee.

Season with salt and red pepper flakes as desired.

Stir in pasta and continue to sautee and stir on medium low heat.

Add freshly chopped veggies to pasta. Opt for fresh vegetables and skip the frozen. 


Plate and serve with some freshly chopped parsley.


Breakfast is also a time to get some summer fruits in. I’ve been living for freshly chopped watermelon with either a drizzle of honey or a squeeze of lemon. Try it!





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