Low Carb? No. Slow Carb: Weight Loss Edition

For the month of November, my goal is to lose a few pounds before the holidays creep up on me. Yup, Thanksgiving, and Christmas sneak up on me like a thief in the night every year without fail. Well this year, I’ve devised a plan to cut off the holiday pounds before I even think of piling them on. It’s pure math, numbers. If I can lose a few now then I can afford to indulge in a hearty and savory meal or two. Plus, hopefully, I’ve put in enough work for the month that I won’t want to undo my hard work and indulge in every meal wholeheartedly.

I came across a blog/twitter post from Tim Ferriss recently that introduced me to a slow carb eating plan in order to really drop pounds rapidly. The plan is to eat a very limited variety of protein, veggies, and beans. It’s super simple. It looks a lot like the Atkins, Low Carb plan we all know but the addition of beans is a new concept for me. I love beans and they are packed with protein. The stern rule is to not have any white carb. Like any.


These delicious, crispy truffle fries…I can’t have any.
I can still have my black coffee (no sugar) to help me get through the day.


Clearly, this isn’t a sustainable plan and should not be followed beyond a month. It’s important to have a balanced eating plan and the low carb and even this slow carb plan ain’t it. The overall goal is to eat right and exercise but sometimes a girl needs a jumpstart. I need to see the number on the scale decrease. It’s motivating to see movement.

Oh, and don’t forget self-care. It can come in any form that is comfortable for you and should fit your lifestyle and budget. There is no need to buy a pricey plane ticket just to say that you took that vacation and post that passport picture on IG. If you can afford it the jet away but we can’t always flee. We can indulge in a home message (from your significant other) or spruce up your space and make your house feel like a home.


Take a long bath and then slather some awesome oil on your skin. @Sheamoisture
Upgrade your living space with a vibe that fits your lifestyle. @consort







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