What I Wore Today: Bomb Cyclone Edition

If you are on the East Coast you are probably snowed in today. We’ve been experiencing some fridigit temps for the past few weeks on the East Coast. Our friends in the South have also had unseasonably cold temperatures. It’s like 44 degrees in Miami at night! Why?!

The unfair temperatures have forced me to hibernate more and find indoor activities to partake in instead of having to brave the cold.

I can’t always escape the cold temps, as much as I would like to, and that means I have to dress to conquer the weather. We are currently under a storm watch and there is a “Bomb Cyclone” advisory on today. A what? A Bomb Cyclone. It sounds freaking scary and I’ve never heard anything of the like before. It feels like a typical snowstorm only wish more winds.

We stayed in and are binge watching Black Mirror. We had to go out to shovel our walk so I decided to throw on a little lip and put on my favorite sunglasses for fun.


Despite the shenanigans, we did shovel our walk and cleared some of the snow from our car.
The streets are near barren.
Few commuters are on the road and little to no foot traffic leaves for quiet streets.
I am learning to embrace the elements I once disliked, like the Atlantic Ocean and the cold weather. Enjoy the time that you are in and the space that you occupy. 


Protect your head, feet and ya neck! (Brooklyn Talk)
Cold but happy.


Coat, Hat and Sweater (Old Navy)

Sunglasses (Chloe)

Boots (Burlington Coat Factory)

Lip (CoverGirl Outlast)

Pictures: John Ricard



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