Women’s Wear on Men

The tide is turning in so many ways and the fashion industry is one of the places where we get an early glimpse of some of the changes happening in society. The fashion industry can serve to perpetuate many of society’s stereotypes and at the same time dispel many. The changes that we see can be uncomfortable for many but that is what change does, it makes some of us uneasy. Change flings you out of your normal thinking and feeling and puts you in a space where you have to think of things differently, speak your words differently or even behave differently.

Let’s take a look at some of the men who are on the cutting edge of change and rocking women’s wear in some of the most fierce ways:


Jaden Smith has been expressing his individual style for some time now without care of what most people may think or feel about his choices. He was recently quoted as saying that he wants to make seeing a man in a skirt or dress the norm. He is bucking the way we think about gender roles today.
Runway model and Jaden both wearing skirts.
EJ Johnson
EJ Johnson is slowly becoming a style icon in his own right. He owns his looks and seems to enjoy being as luxe and over the top fabulous at all times.
Here is EJ being compared to Kim K in the same Laquan Smith dress.
Runway models in London rocking skirts, pale pinks and comfy sweaters.






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