Self-Care Essentials

We often take care of so many things and people better than we care for ourselves. Self-care is on everyone’s tongue tips at the moment because so many of us just don’t take the time to slow down and grant ourselves small pleasures. Self-care can come as simple as lighting a candle at night to create a calming environment before bed. It can be taking a longer than usual bath or shower. Water does not only help cleanse the body but it also helps to center the mind. I use Sundays as a day where I carve out some time in the week to do some things just for me. there are some products that help to make the pampering just a bit easier. They aren’t pricey, obtainable and most importantly good!!

My favorite subscription box, Curlbox, makes a Curlbox Body Box and this edition featured products from “Eden Bodyworks“. The coconut and shea line adds moisture to skin and smells fantastic. Use it after a bath or shower and layer on your scents.
A good magazine is an essential and “Vanity Fair” always has great articles that are so well written they take you away. While reading I like to treat my face and hair. After deep cleaning my face, I add treatments like “Paula’s Choice” Vitamin C Spot Treatment and add some “Palmer’s” Cocoa butter to my lips for incredible moisture. I add “Jane Carter Solution” Seal and Shine serum to my strands for moisturized, tangle free and shiny hair. Oh, you can’t forget to give yourself a self-mani. These colors from “Old Navy” in collab with “Zoya” are perfect for Spring.
Yeah, no, I’m not on vacation and I’m not surrounded by water but this Ralph Lauren catalog took me away!!! How beautiful is this view?? I’m bathed, smelling good, feeling good and flipping through the pages of outdoor furnishing goals. I’m winning!
I live for a basket weave.

Finally, now that we’ve worked on pampering and improving the outside, let us focus on the inner health. Detoxing and feeding your body good food is probably the most important part of self-care. Hannah Bronfman, the creator of HBFIT, works out all the time and varies her workouts to fit her mood and body goals. She also eats clean and makes a detox soup from time to time that anyone can make at home. You simply saute these ingredients (onion, zucchini, asparagus and celery) in a pot, add stock (salt and pepper) and then blend. You’ve got soup for a few days!


What are your self-care tips? 


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