My Braid Crush

Winter is the season for Protective Styles and there are a few ladies who we have been slaying braided styles lately. Braids don’t just serve as a great way to protect your natural hair from everyday wear and tear but it is also a fun way to switch things up. I’m not a fan of sitting the length of time for styles like micro-braids to get installed, upwards of 4 to 6 hours, so I’m more of a cornrow type of girl. In less than 30 minutes or an hour you are transformed into a braided goddess. I’m always down for that.

These are some of my favorite styles spotted on our favorite celebs:

Megan Goode completely rocked the heck out of these faux locs. I know, they aren’t braids but they count in my book.
Gabrielle, oh how I love thee and these micro braids. She is a better woman than me because my patience is not set up in a manner that allows for me to elver wear this style.


Classic plaits on a classic woman. Janelle Monet looks great.
Yes, I’m adding Kim’s cornrows! We all know about these straightbacks. It is the Black woman’s go to for giving birth, after giving birth, vacation, or just a great Summer style. Someone put Kim onto the low maintenance greatness of the cornrow.
Brandy has been serving red hot braided styles since Moesha. We can always depend on her for some great looks.
Amandla is new to me. She’s young and fearless with her hair and I love that. Here she wears the root braided and the rest of the hair loose. The choice of grey hair is very today.
Zoe’s braids have almost become a staple style for her. She is inspired by her mother’s style and I’m here for it.
Blackish’s Yara did a braid combo. Loving the idea of braiding the single strand micro braids into a fishtail style.  
Keke Palmer is the queen of switching things up. She goes from short to long and from weaves to braids. Love these funky twists.

We can’t possibly leave out these ole long skinny cornrows worn by Beyonce in “Formation”. Giving Susan Taylor realness.


Are you wearing a braided style? What type of style are you rocking and why?

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