Blonde Ambition

It’s fall and the leaves are turning/changing color. Mother Nature isn’t the only one who likes to switch it up. I do too? It’s time for my annual cut and color and I am truly contemplating going very light with my hair color, blonde.

Let me confess. I am a little overwhelmed by the amount of platinum blonde hair on women. I’m not a big fan of the look. It is over the top and most of the platinum blonde ladies I see fit the bill in the personality area so the hair falls in line with the attitudes. I am avoiding the platinum for now and looking into earth tones. The blondes you may find on those golden leaves that create beautiful fall scenery.


Kat Graham, Foster Grant’s spokesmodel is rocking the perfect mixture of warm blonde tones.


Designer, Shateria Moragne has the perfect cut, color, and curls. The trifecta.


You cannot go wrong with a short, sleek cut and golden tresses. Rihanna gets it right everytime.


That one time Chrisette Michelle did the “big chop” and then bleached her hair blonde. So fresh.


Gabrielle Union’s deep auburn and blonde combo is perfect for bringing the sun-kissed hair feel into Fall.


I am choosing a color combination and cut that will work great for straightened or curly hair. The commitment that I make by going blonde will definitely require routine hair care. It’s important to get regular deep conditions (to prevent dryness and damage) as well as shampoo and condition with products for color treated hair in order to help your color stay vibrant longer.









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