Soft Winter Skin and Strands

Winter can cause your skin to feel dry and damaged and what better than a great shea butter or oil to slather ALL over your skin in order to help protect your body’s biggest organ. Natural oils can penetrate the dry, cracked areas of your skin caused by the cold winter air. After the oil penetrates the skin, it then serves as a healing ointment that can help mend those cracks and repair damaged skin. As with all things, there are differences in all of our skin types and finding the right natural oil that works on your skin is key. Some folks kneel to the coconut Gods and others, well, avoid all things coconut on their hair, on their scalp, and on their skin because of breakouts or rashes that may be caused by the oil. In all things, Do You!

I went to Duane Reade/Walgreens recently and there was a major sale on all of my favorite hair and body products. I picked up some goodies in order to help keep my skin and strands super soft.


When we think of the benefits of lavender we automatically think of relaxation and calm. I used to bath my little one with a bit of lavender essence when she was tiny right before bed so that she slept well. This Shea Moisture oil is one that I use right out of the shower and I use it to protect my skin in the morning and at night. 
There is enough oil here to last you about a month when used twice daily.
Can a product really get rid of cellulite? Nope, I don’t think so that is why this Nivea “Skin Firming and Toning Gel” promises an “appearance” of firm skin! Lol. I love it. I’ll take a firm skin appearance for 100 Alex. 
And what is a drug store visit without a hair product buy? I have been wanting to try this Pantene Gold Series line and there was no better time to do it than during a buy one get one-half off. I, like most women with curly hair, can never have enough conditioner and Pantene has been a staple of mine since High School. The smell, the slip…amazing. I wore my hair curly all week and that means the detangle game is going to be strong on wash day. I will be trying this conditioner.



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