Let It Be Glorious: Grammy Awards


Golden Girl Queen Bey!beyonce.jpg

Beyonce performed at this year’s Grammy Awards and did so majestically. She conjured deities from Christianity and African culture and wrapped it all up in song and soul. Even though Lemonade did not win album of the year, this image tells of the excellence that Beyonce continues to set. She won!

There were some other folks in attendance so let’s look at some of the fabulously dressed and well-coifed souls who we also love:


Rihanna’s outfit was sculpted just so in order to give us a peek of her toned midsection and the dope tat but I was ALL about her auburn, flowy tresses. The shade was perfect for her skin and the flow is soft and takes us back to the Rihanna we first fell in love with.


Oh, hey JLo. She can do no wrong in my eyes. Some people felt the busy bow at the neck was too much but those women don’t know the rule, “when in doubt, do the most.”


Adele was the night’s big winner and we cannot deny the pipes on this woman. Talented and the homage that she paid to Beyonce was classy and proves she is indeed a class act who knows art and can compliment other artists. Kudos!


Soul Glo…Solo!! We love Solange and love her love of contemporary style gowns that evoke pieces of art that you might see in a museum. I hope she left a seat at the table for us because who wouldn’t mind sitting with Solange.


Has Heidi found the fountain of youth? Can she share the locale via airdrop? This Rockmom stuns in silver. She isn’t doing too much and the pieces are minimal but oh, so sexy.


How excited was I to see Maya on the red carpet, wearing read and looking phenom. She didn’t clash with the carpet. It worked! She was serving just the right amount of skin and a strong pantsuit with great skin and hear. “It’s all about me, me, me, me, me. Forget about you, you, you, you, you.


Coupled Up:


Chrissy and John Legend. We can always depend on them for super cute appearances together. You can see the love in every picture they take together.


Lady in Red. Sorry, I had to. Beyonce’s red sequins jaw-dropping dress compliments all of the debonnaire that Jay-Z is serving in his skinny suit.


Remy Ma looked like a princess in her mermaid cut crystal encrusted gown. Glad to see her doing well.

Did I miss anyone?














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