Hustle: Plan for Financial Success.

I’m 40-years old so that might be the reason for the great urgency that I currently have to really build wealth. I don’t mean getting a few coins, buying a few expensive pieces and then flaunting it. I mean really building a wealth that can be managed by generations after me. I mean having that kind of wealth. I don’t know anyone who is that wealthy and, as a result, my access to gaining that type of wealth is limited. Simply put, I do not have the information or access to information necessary to gain that type of wealth. That was my old way of thinking. In reality, we all have access to gaining wealth because it lies in our mindset and in our ability to take risks. It also lies in education. I have tons of education about many things but none in wealth building. I am educating myself on the plan, process and strategies necessary for building wealth. The first step is to use words that put wealth into my life. words are powerful and the mind is also a powerful thing. We can manifest the good or the bad so why not put wealthy words into my mind and thoughts? Words and thoughts are free and require very little of me.

I will keep you posted on my journey and keep you up to date because consistency and discipline matters.


You need a journal in order to keep a log of all of the information that you are acquiring. It’s great to take notes because you can refer back to “ah-hah” moments and pieces of information that you find useful and want to retain. Myleik, CEO of Curlbox, published a “Hustle” journal that is big enough to hold ALL of your thoughts plus what you have learned as well as a forward written by Myleik with some valuable advice on how to be entrepreneurial.  Gets yours at


My current read is “Guide to Investing” by Kiyosaki. It is a large book filled with some everyday terms and ideas that help to map your way to financial success. My short term plan is to read a chapter or tow and day and log the “nuggets” (my term for golden ideas that I’ve learned) on Twitter and definitely in my journal. I don’t know much about investing and making my money work for me so I am on the quest for knowledge and this book is a great place to start.


You’ve probably already heard of the “Rich Dad/Poor Dad” but if you’ve never picked up one of Kiyosaki’s books then do so. 




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