Henri Bendel’s Bag Sale: Colorful Finds

The end of a season is upon us and what does it mean for most retailers and consumers, you got it, sale season. Now is the best time to snag some of those cool accessories or pieces that you’ve been eyeing all Summer but never got around to getting because the price was, ahem, too damn high.

Henri Bendel (an NYC staple) has graced the interwebs with a fantastic sale where they aren’t just slinging the “what’s left” from the Summer season. They are offering some really cool bags and accessories that you can take into Fall, Winter, and next Summer seamlessly.

Colorful Finds: 

Zoomed image

Michelle Mini Tote in Warm Olive–Was: $350 Now: $140


West 57th Tassel Mini Saddle Bag in Indigo–Was: $250 Now: $100

Zoomed image

Atrium Sachelin Warm Olive–Was: $498 Now: $180

Zoomed image

West 57th Street Grommet Backpack in Bodacious–Was: $398 Now: $159.20 

Zoomed image

Rivington Colorblocked Leather Tote–Was $428 Now: $256.80

Happy Sale Surfing.





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