Blue’s Hair and North’s Pierced Ears.

Twitter and Instagram have all been buzzing about North West’s recently pierced ears. Blue Ivy’s hair has been a constant source for criticism for what seems like since the first time the public caught glimpse of her.  There are people critiquing Bey/Jay and Kim/Kanye’s ability to parent based on hair and pierced ears! The priorities are ridiculous to me. There are so many children who are struggling in our developed country with basic reading and writing skills. Education is being valued less and less by the majority of people raising young people. There is more emphasis placed on having the right hair and clothes instead of the right developmental activities to help a child excel.

A petition was put up on social network to "Comb Blue's Hair". Despicable if you ask me.
A petition was put up on social network to “Comb Blue’s Hair”. Despicable if you ask me.
If you look really closely you will see the tiny diamond studs in North's ear.
If you look really closely you will see the tiny diamond studs in North’s ear.

Compiled is a list of developmental toys that every toddler and small child should have at home. Parents, these toys serve as an agent for pretend play which not only builds your child’s imagination but also expand their language skills.

Toy Phone (The type that you used to play with as a kid. No bells and whistles.)

Play Foods, Plates, Cups (Perfect to pretend to cook, play restaurant, supermarket or tea party)

Dress Up costumes (Doctor, Firefighter, Teacher, Etc)

Trucks, Cars, Ikea Train

Farm and Jungle Animals

Little People

Play Doh

Finger Paint (spark creativity through art and work on feel/textures)

Sidewalk Chalk

Bubbles (Improves lip muscles and breath for blowing)

Instruments (Tambourine, Bells, Maracas, Recorder, Triangle, Drum)

If you really want some extra credit, I urge you to visit this link: The strategies that you will learn will be more valuable than what Blue’s hair looks like and what type of piercing North has.


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