Paris in New York City: Brunch at Maison Kayser.


A friend of mine jetted off to Paris from New York City for the holiday weekend so in celebration of her trip I thought I would do brunch Parisienne style and find Paris in NYC.

This is not a street in Paris, rather a block in Brooklyn Heights. The ornate steel window treatments leaves you feeling like you are walking down a Parisian street. This Brooklyn Heights block is only one block away from Maison Kayser. Fitting that the French Boulangerie is nestled in this neighborhood.



Beautifully maintained brownstones.
Streets to roam if you are ever in Paris.
A great window seat.
Welcome to Maison Kayser!
Brunch menu and a sweet bite that is served with your cup of coffee. Yes, please!
A great tasting and great looking quiche Lorraine paired with a fresh garden salad.
A look inside the perfectly baked quiche where there were small bits of crunchy bacon.
Perfectly smoked salmon.
An eclair is the perfect sweet bite after brunch.


If you prefer a savory bite then I recommend the Fromage bread. The inside of the bread is buttery soft with bits of melted cheese in some bites. The crust is a little crispy and the cheese melted atop is the perfect compliment.


While you eat you can glance across the restaurant to watch the bakers baking bread and sweets.
Cafe Wear.


You can find Maison Kayser online:

IG: @MaisonKayserUSA



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