After the Vote: Sad and Disappointed.


It’s taken close to a week for the results of our presidential race/vote to sink in enough for me to drop a note about it. Just like everyone I know, I am in shock, I am sad, I am in disbelief. I am numb to the fact that the majority of Americans voted a man who has played on the fears of other men/women and ran a racist campaign in order to garner votes.

Do I believe that Donald Trump is a racist? Yes, I do. You cannot say the things that he has said about immigrant groups without being grounded in the ideals of white superiority.

Do I believe that Donald Trump only judges people on race? No, I believe as a millionaire Trump knows that dollars trump race.

Do I believe that Trump has the best interests of those who voted for him and put him in office? No.

The Poor and working class people voted Trump into the highest office in the land and having lived through the Bloomberg residency as mayor in NYC has taught me that a rich obnoxious man does not have respect for poor people. In fact, a rich man may even despise a poor man just because of the poor man’s poverty. Rich men do not understand why poor people stay poor.

Money is the ultimate source of respect for a man like Trump, not race or creed.


Sad and Disappointed


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