Aimee Song’s Tips on How to Nail Great Instagram Pictures

If you are not already following this Social Media whiz then I urge you to log on and hit follow. Aimee Song has a collection of some of the most aesthetically pleasant and gorgeous Instagram lifestyle pictures. She documents her hippy yet chic style in some of the most beautiful locations ranging from Paris to LA. Aimee created a really informative Youtube video some time ago in order to help you step up your IG game.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips that she highlighted in her video:

  1. Create a “Bird’s Eye View” of your coffee or well-plated food. Get your shot using natural (outdoors) lighting and get creative by adding arm swag or a cute clutch.


2) Get shots of multiple details. If wearing cute shoes, rings or bracelets then take shots of those using a clean background.


3) Get a full outfit shot but make sure the background complements your dope outfit. If you are alone, ask someone to take the picture for you but make sure you position them for a perfect full body shot. Have them kneel down, tilt the phone/camera up and shoot.


4) Selfie Time! The best lighting is natural lighting and Aimee suggests that you face your natural light directly  or have the light behind you for a soft look. Get close to a window where the natural light beams from at home or on location.

2015-04-05 16.51.30

5) If shooting interiors or scenic photos make sure the angles are straight. Use the grid on your phone to help figure out if your horizon is straight.

IMG_1425 (1)


Check out Aimee’s tips for yourself here:

Aimee’s Blog:

Aimee’s Instagram:

What are some of your tips for nailing the perfect IG shots? Please share.


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