I Need to Feel Like Kanye.

I’ve been living in my black high waist H&M jeans. I added a rip in both knees because it looks cool. I know older people who ask me all the time if I really pay for clothing with rips and tears ALREADY in them. It’s an old folk joke and it gets me every time. I’m a fan of holes and worn out looking clothing. I won’t pay an exorbitant amount for it though. That would just be silly. It makes me feel very rock-star, very hip when there is a hole or two in my outfit. I need to feel like Kanye when my 9 to 5 and mom days become overwhelming.

2014-12-17 16.52.15
When in doubt, opt for denim and a classic white shirt. You can never go wrong.
The black and camel coat and nude sandals are perfectly paired.
2014-12-17 17.04.20
I know it’s cold and a leather jacket may not be enough but nothing looks cooler with ripped jeans than leather.
2014-12-17 17.03.23
Greys and blacks are no fail. This faux leather sac is perfect for slinging on your back, leaving your hands free for browsing the racks or hold your little ones hand when walking.

What key pieces have you been living in for the past few months?


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