Coins, Cheddar, Cloth Talk: Money Edition

You’ve heard DJ Khalad tell the message to the people, “secure the bag!” Now, just in case you aren’t versed in hip hop culture, the simple meaning for “securing the bag” is make money and secure or save it.

Secure-(adj)- fixed or fastened so as not to give way, become loose, or be lost.

There is no better way to describe making and keeping money than to secure it. We often lose the money that we obtain (and don’t just blame it on not making enough) because we don’t know how to secure it. We spend frivolously on this that we will dispose of in a few weeks or months or we splurge on items that we truly can’t afford.

Many of us are functioning on minimal financial literacy. We don’t know how to save, regardless of what we make, and we don’t know ways to make our money grow. Well, now that I’ve outlined the problems, What is the solution? Financial literacy.


Educate yourself by reading magazines like Money Magazine. If you are on the web then google ways to save money or invest money. If social media is your thing then follow professional or even amateur financial gurus. There are some great people out there saving and investing and doing it using working class salaries and are basically self taught.


Whatever you choose to do, however way you choose to learn about your money, do learn about your money. Start by reading over your bank or 401k statements on a consistent basis. Keep track of your money and learn how to decipher your losses and gains. If you are losing money in an investing area cut your losses and stop investing in that particular option. I learned a few months back that I was losing a ton of money in my 401k because I was investing in bonds that consistently lost money every three months! I would not have been aware of that if I weren’t reading my statements.

Learn, Save, Invest, Spin and Repeat.




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