You Are What You Think.

I have had the pleasure of having a few days where I’ve been less hectic (not working constantly, running from place to place) and as a result, I chose to listen to a few podcasts or pick up some self-help books. I never thought that I would be that person who would like to listen to self help programs, like Supersoul Sundays on OWN, or read books on the topic but alas.

I mentioned OWN and Supersoul Sundays because yes, I too love Oprah and all that she does. There are some great people who she sits down with and impart some great life lessons during the interviews. Most of the people interviewed have written books where you can get even more information that you can choose to apply to your lifestyle.

While traveling to Washington DC last week I chose to pick up Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Outliers” again. What a freaking good read!!! If you are a parent then you must read this book. It does not outline any parenting strategies or tell you anything about child rearing but Malcolm’s take on “genius” and “success” will have your gears turning about how you may choose to educate your child. As a part of a group of parents who are always networking and sharing information about the best schools and the best programs (some parents are devastated if their child does not get into the best of anything), Malcolm teaches that essentially it may be best to be the big fish in a small pond instead of being the little fish in a big pond. Also, the “best” people may come out of those “not so best” places. Make no bones about it though, the Ivy Leagues are still pumping out the leaders of the Free World but your City College also churns out the best of the best.

Finally, my husband picked up a Christian book (if you knew him then you would be shocked) titled, “You are What You Think” by David Stoop, Ph.D. What a title, right? Raise your hand if you really do believe that the mind is a powerful thing. I do believe in the power of positive and negative thinking. We manifest what we think. Plain and simple. If you think negative thoughts then life often dishes negativity. People at work still (after many years) say to me daily, “You are always smiling.”   I smile even if I’m not always feeling 100% happy or 100% well because smiling makes me happy and I automatically feel better. Smiling makes me happy so I smile. Notable Quote: “The one thing, from a human perspective, that seems to make the difference between those who succeed and those who fail is attitude.”


What’s been inspiring you lately?


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