Sunday Brunch: Goop Edition

I find it absolutely amazing that actress, Gwyneth Paltrow had the vision to start a lifestyle website/blog years ago and turned it into a multi-million dollar empire. I have been a fan of Goop for years, since it’s inception actually, and have watched the site grow from some recipes and lifestyle pictures to a world of crystals, sage smuges, beauty, vitamins, mediation ideas, fashion and style to household/living asthetics.

Think of Martha Stewart but on the hipster end. Palthrow gets it right though. This is not a fleeting Empire. She is here to stay. I know we all hear folks talking about “building brands” but Goop has become a true brand. One that we know to expect healthy and holistic views on all things woman.

Today we are looking into one of Palthrow’s books, “It’s All Easy” and finding some Sunday Brunch ideas that the whole family will love.

A Goop Sunday Brunch is nothing without avacado toast and an acai bowl:


What are your favorite easy brunch ideas?



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