Self Care Edition: Eight Tips To Living A Low Stress Lifestyle

These are some of the methods that I use in order to live a low-stress lifestyle. I cannot use the term “stress-free” because stress is just another feeling that lets us know that we are living and breathing. It is there with love, hate, fear, anxiety… Stress can be a good thing but it should be used to put us on a path of problem-solving and it should not rule our lives or debilitate us. Check out what I do below:


  1. Sing and hum tunes that you find delightful throughout the day. Many times we are not stationed at a desk or not able to play music throughout the day so take some time to make your own music. Music automatically puts you in a better mood and serves as a de-stressor.
  2. Focus on at least one positive thing that happened in the day to help cancel out some of the negative.
  3. Prepare the day or night before in order to alleviate some of the day’s load. For example, if getting out of the door on time is a stressor then prepare your outfit, lunch and get your gym/work bag packed the night before so that you have less guesswork in the morning. Get the kids to bed on time and have their projects, bag, shoes and coat at the door for an easier exit.
  4. Eliminate some of your social media, phone use and office gossip. Many times we get preoccupied with other people’s stuff that we fail to get our “stuff” done. Set short-term goals for the day and get started first thing in the morning.
  5. SMILE! No, for real, smile. You automatically radiate good vibes, healthy feelings and positivity to others when you smile. You also feel good so quit pursing your lips.
  6. On a typical day, I probably talk to my husband and daughter for more than an hour after work/school. The subject of my conversation is never about things that are bothering me at the job. My husband will often rant about the latest artist who is driving him crazy -although I must admit he is able to do this in a lighthearted way that isn’t very negative.  That is a topic for another post, however 😉  Personally, I don’t engage in negatively in any way. Not even in a lighthearted way.  Typically, I’m discussing my plans for the week or something interesting I came across online.
  7. I don’t undertake projects that will result in more stress than satisfaction.
  8. My end of the day routine is very relaxing.  A glass of red wine and an episode of Scandal or Real Housewives brings most nights to a close.



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