What is Your Addiction?

When I use the term “addiction”, I am not using it in the traditional sense of the word. I am not referring to a drug or alcohol addiction. Those addictions are very much in your face and society knows the ills of those addictions. We have centers and rehab clinics for those addictions. We have a societal understanding of them. The addictions that I am referring to are addictions that can also destroy hopes and dreams but are not really recognized and admonished by society. They are:

The Addiction to the Opinion of Others.

The Addiction to the Past.

The Addiction to Worry.

The Addiction to Drama.

Do these addictions sound familiar? If they do then fear not. They are familiar to most of us. It is what makes us human but please believe that we cannot hold on to these addictions if you plan to move on and be a fluid (constantly changing) person.

The first step in conquering these addictions is being honest with yourself and really own up to the addiction. Which is the addiction that sets you back the most? Meaning, which one of these addictions is causing you to be stagnant and not make the progress that you want to make in relationships, career and health? I’ll own up to being addicted to the past and in a deep relationship with the addiction to worry. I’m working on releasing them both. I am always telling myself that things work themselves out and Kendrick reminds me that, “we gon be alright.” The past, well, I want to leave it all right there; In the past. I don’t want to constantly dredge up old stuff in my relationship. We are getting older and I want to enjoy the relationship that I am in and stay in the moment. The older I get the more I realize that the moments are fleeting. I want a life that belongs to the ages.

Because I am always chasing the sun and I see it as a good addiction. I’m also addicted to her and him.




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