Sweet Escape: How to Get Away While at Home

Do you suffer from the Winter Blues? Yeah, it’s a real thing. This is not a post for those of you who love the brisk Winter breeze or the snow. This is dedicated to the ones who miss basking in the sun and long for the feeling of waking out of the house without a coat.

Palm trees and wooden shutters are always welcome.

What can you do to capture the feeling of Summer when you are stuck in the Winter weather?

For me, I love to crank up the heat in my home and make my own oasis. Slide the curtains back in the daytime and let the sun in while the heat is on 80 degrees. The feel of the sun and warmth brings me right back to Summer.

Sit in front of a window and bask in the sun for a while and sip some fruit infused water.

Work out while the sun is out and the heat is on. You’re doing your body good, your mind good and also working on that Summer body. Summer bodies are made in the Wintertime.

Tell me, what do you do when you have the Summer Blues?


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