Interiors and Views: Manhattan at Times Square Hotel and Novotel Times Square/Supernova

Very seldom do we get a night out to enjoy some time in the city that we love so when we do get an evening out I like to take in a great view and surround myself with design inspiration. We spent a night at The Manhattan at Times Square Hotel recently and the lobby was pure contemporary comfort design. The sofas were lush velvet or soft, supple leather. You wanted to spend all of your time there instead of your room.

The elegant yet comfy lobby at Manhattan at Times Square Hotel:


This cool aged mirror added depth and an antique feel to the space.



We went to a great dinner at a hotel about two blocks from The Manhattan. Our original option was McDonald’s but we realized we didn’t have the kid so we could splurge just a bit. We walked over to Novotel New York Times Square and had the most perfect meal and also enjoyed the most perfect view of Times Square (along with the ball that dropped about a week ago) at their hotel restaurant, Supernova. It’s a super small ball atop a few ads just in case you were wondering. The food at Novotel!!! Can I say delicious! We ordered a jambalaya and truffle Parmesan french fries  and ended the meal with a smores ice-cream desert. We shared the meal because I ate before leaving Brooklyn. Hands down, this is one of the best meals I’ve had out in while.The hotel restaurant was chic and spacious but still had a boutique feel.

Meal and Views:

The huge painting is the main piece at the restaurant along with futuristic lighting fixtures.
The truffle parm fries and a peek of the jambalaya in the back.
Can you spy the ball above the “2017”?

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