10 Time Saving Hacks for Productive Mornings

Are you a “wake up as soon as the alarm sounds” or “snooze city” morning person? Me, I’d love to be the jump out of the bed with a mission to take over the world type but I enjoy tapping the snooze button at least twice before rising. To be clear, I don’t fall back asleep after the alarm goes off. I use the snooze time to lay with my eyes close in a type of silent mediation and think about how I would like my day to go because I want everyday to be my day. Thinking about all of the wonderful possibilities that are ahead of me helps to frame my focus for the day.

We all need ways to save time and effort in the a.m. so that we can focus on conquering the day ahead. Here are 10 time saving hacks that if adapted daily can become daily habits to help improve your productivity.

(You may remember some of these from grade school because our moms lived by many of these shortcuts.)

  1. Pack your work bag the night before. Don’t forget to pack important projects that you may be working on at home in the bag the night before so that you don’t forget it the day of.
  2. Pack you gym bag (clothes, sneakers and towels) along with any after gym snacks and water. Schedule your workout time into your day the night before to ensure that you will take the time to take care of you.
  3. Remember the night before the first day of school? What did you do with your brand new fly outfit the night before school? Laid it out on a chair or on a hanger of course. Well, do the same now. Except now you are laying out your adult work clothes so make sure you’re fly but appropriate for the office.
  4. Prep breakfast and pack a lunch the night before. This helps to keep your healthy eating on track and you save money on expensive lunches. Save your food money for those expensive weekend brunches.
  5. Leave any and anything you fear you will forget in the morning right by your door. Keep your keys, wallet and phone by the door on a tray as well that way all three items are together and can be easily retrieved before leaving the house in the morning.
  6. Wrap your hair with a scarf or a bonnet. You know why so I don’t have to get into it.
  7. Set the tone for the morning. I love listening to morning motivation from some of my favorite speakers or I play some frequency music. I’m always working on vibrating higher.
  8. If you live with people that you love, don’t forget to check your mood and make sure that it adds goodness to their day. Do a mood check and if your mood is crappy make sure you aren’t adding that crappy mood to those you love.
  9. Refer back to number 7 if your mood is crappy. Have a goal of chasing joy. We won’t be happy everyday but if you are struggling, find something to be grateful for.
  10. Slay the day.

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