Day Trip to Princeton University: Take Your Child on a Campus Visit

The holidays are fast approaching which means a short break from school and presents to consider for our daughter. My husband is big on buying her loads of presents. He says that this mass amount of presents makes it feel like she will have a fantastic Christmas. In truth, our daughter is far from materialistic and does not use a lot of “stuff.” She likes her computer and spends a ton of time watching slime making videos on Youtube or watching old sitcoms on Netflix. So the nick nacks that he is considering we shop for to make her Christmas a blast would be better for another child, just not ours.

I thought for some time about experiences I would like for her to have over the holiday break and went to my favorite source for day trips close to NYC, you know our trusty friend, Google. I came across a refinery article that listed Princeton University as a cool day trip. I went to my other great source for trip advice, Tripadvisor, and read some great reviews regarding visiting the campus. Visitors wrote that you can get a guided college tour, whether you are applying to the school or not, or do your own self-guided tour. The campus welcomes visitors!! How amazing is that? I live in NYC and most schools are closed to visitors and there is not much of a welcoming feel at all when you try to “breath in” the college life and experience in and about the city. There are security measures that comes first and even though I understand it, it can feel disheartening.

I thought it a perfect present to take our daughter on a self-guided tour of one of the best colleges in the world. The day before our visit I had her look up things to do and see on campus on Tripadvisor. We came across some “Must See” sights like the Museum at Princeton, the school’s chapel, Nassau Street (the main shopping and dining drag) and Einstein’s home. The architecture was all very gothic and as a Harry Potter fan, she appreciated the buildings that seemed to have the power to transport her back to the movies and books she gets lost in.

Most importantly, I hope she feels as though attending a University like Princeton can be a choice of hers one day. This is attainable. I don’t want her to be intimidated by a name of a place that may seem too high of a reach. I want her to always know that she can reach as high as she chooses and that the opportunities are there for her to reach for. Princeton is open and willing to show her what they have to offer to help her be as well-rounded a human being possible and we are open and willing to show her that it is attainable.

The Princeton Campus

One of the very first buildings we saw on campus as we walked from the parking lot was Whitman College. The hilly lawn surrounding it was perfect.
When Angelique sees a smooth grassy area she believes it’s always an appropriate time to practice her cartwheels.
In between cartwheels we stop to enjoy the view.
Loved the wooden doors and intricate details.
Every building was this beautiful and majestic. Amazing attention to detail.
These crests and academic type gargoyles definitely took Angelique back to Harry Potter. Can you believe that this is the entrance to the gym? Just amazing.
We stopped in at the museum store just before entering and found “The Keys.”
The Art Museum is adjacent to the McCormick Building. The museum is well curated and is reminiscent to the Met in NYC and the Brooklyn Museum.
We took a short break to look through some art books under a skylight and infront of this amazing window view.
This window with a view of the evergrren trees was like an additional art piece.


The Chapel. The ceilings are high and the stained glass windows create the most serene and peceful light to enter the sanctuary.
A plaque honoring the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King placed perfectly under one of the stained glass windows.


We stayed til sunset and the light was amazing.
Princeton has some famous residents and two were the Renaissance Man, Paul Robeson, and the biggest genius of our time, Einstein.

I urge you to take your child or a child that you help care for on a campus visit to Princeton or a college campus near you.



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