The Art of Living. Have You Mastered It?

I believe, like many things surrounding us, living is an art. You cultivate, nurture and mold a “good” life. Now, the “good” life differs for many of us. For one person it can mean rolling in dough (not the Pillsbury kind), for another it can be marriage and children and for another it can be just living worry or stress free. We can keep going but there is no need. There is one thing that binds all of us who are seeking the “good” life. What is it you ask? It is that creating the “good” life is an art and in order to have it you must work for it. Will the work look the same for each of us? Nope. Absolutely not. The work will be very different and it is in those differing tasks that you cultivate, nurture and mold or make the life that you want.

Living life isn’t always easy. Heck, it is mostly a struggle of joy vs. sadness; health vs. sickness; wealth vs. poverty. You get the picture. It is those struggles that we either take and create meaning from or lay defeated under it’s heavy burden. We all want to choose the former and not the latter but that’s easier said than done. Sometimes you want to curl  up in defeat and despair, which I think is fine, but please make it temporary. Don’t master the art of living in despair and constantly dredging up a past that should stay just where it is…in the past. Live for today! Master living for today and you are steps closer to mastering the art of living.

How do you define “living”?

The beach is my happy place and I am trying the embrace the Atlantic Ocean. I’m really a Caribbean Sea type of girl.
My daughter personifies happiness. When she smiles, it is a mile wide smile. It is honest and true. Children, when nurtured, are masterful at living.

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