It’s Always Summer in Miami Beach

We recently spent a few of our summer days on South Beach. Miami has always been a city that we love to visit. The energy, heat and the food have always been the perfect mixture for a great vacation. Before we had our daughter we vacationed there but it looked a little different, slightly. We were tempted to stop into a club on Lincoln Road pre daughter but now we really don’t even think of a club or even miss it. A nice dinner on the busy beachfront Collins Ave is really all we need for our family entertainment now. There are restaurants where live bands play exciting and lively music so we really don’t feel as though we are missing out. In reality, we go Miami for the beach but there really is a ton to do in the city of Miami. There are museums, gardens and historic neighborhoods (mainly centering on the heritage of those who come from Cuba and Haiti and make up a majority of the city) all within your reach.

Here’s a look at our recent visit to South Beach:


So what do you do when you see really cool palm leaves that you never see in NYC? Take cool pictures of course! These were taken at the Miami Botanical Gardens. It’s a small garden right in the heart of South Beach near the Miami Convention Center. There is no admission fee and one of the most tranquil spaces to stop and take a breather in the middle of the busy city.
For days where we are not at the beach we normally wear our hair up and away from our face. Angelique wore these conditioned pony tail twists in order to keep her hair tangle free.
Our curl savior this trip was the Ouidad ,”Curl Immersion” deep conditioner. The sea salt and harsh sun wrecks havoc on curly hair, especially because curly hair tends to be more dry, and this small 2oz conditioner went into our hair and really untangled and conditioned like magic.


Speaking of the beach…The coconut tree lined promenade welcomes you to the beach and the boardwalk where you can bike ride, rollerblade or engage in some cool activities that can keep you fit and healthy. The people of Miami Beach are into looking fit and fabulous.


Across the street from the beach is the famed Collins Ave where you can find some of the best restaurants in South Beach.
Watch out for the waves 🙂



The ocean was amazingly warm and inviting.


What’s Miami without a Mojito? It is the only time I indulge and order this rum-infused drink. It is a perfect mix of cane sugar and mint so it feels like less rum and more mint and sugar. Delish.

Miami at night is, even more, energy filled than Maimi in the daytime. The lights are everywhere and mixed with the clear skies and palms is simply beautiful.


Take a stroll down Espanola Way:

The Euro-inspired Espanola Way. This 5 to 6 block stretched is straight out of the building designs seen in Portugal, Spain or even France. You are automatically transported to a different country and a different time.


Tea (loose) at a cute little French cafe on Espanola Way; A La Folie Cafe. The vibe there was so chill. The owner was so very friendly and was actually French. Bonus.


Are there any spots in Miami that we should visit next time around?






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