Get Up, Get Out and Get Something: How Do You Start?


We are in August and the signs of Summer are dwindling, not because of a number of days we have left in the season but because of the “back to school” ads and the fall fashions in our favorite magazines. I know, you are just getting into the Summer mode. Your skin has just achieved the best tan and you’ve just gotten used to walking out the door without a sweater or winter coat.

I had some summer goals but as I reflect and look into August, I’ve realized that I’ve only gotten a bit of my “to dos” done. Honestly, sometimes I don’t like to look back and reflect because it forces me to hold myself accountable.

As per usual, I made sure that my daughter worked towards her academic enrichment. Today is the last day of her Summer course which began right after July 4th. Yup. The time came and went. I made sure, as a mother, her goal was achieved. Unfortunately, once again, I placed my goal(s) on the back burner. Did I have the time? Yes. Did I have the motivation? Somewhat. Did I act? Nope.


In truth, inaction is probably my greatest flaw. It is probably the greatest reason why I have not done the things that I have wanted to do. Why am I writing this down on the world wide web? Not sure. Maybe it’s purging. Maybe it’s therapeutic but I’m hoping that it is a step in helping me take ACTION.

Thanks for listening. As a “thank you”, here is a picture of Miami Beach because it is a happy place for me 🙂


What are your tips for taking action for starting towards a (big) goal?


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