A Laduree Brunch.

I love macarons. Just wanted to start with that statement and get it out of the way. They are delicate little French cookies that are just the right amount of sweet and they have the most amazing texture. Not too crunchy and not too mushy(soft). No one makes the macaron better than Laduree. They are the purveyor of the French biscuits. A friend invited me to her birthday brunch at the flagship store in Soho, NYC. It is one of the fanciest tea salons in New York. Hands down. I was elated and could not miss the brunch experience. For the pre-fixe thirty five dollars, the brunch is a deal and the store is a “must visit” if you are in the neighborhood. The seating areas are ample and the decor is very Parisian a la Versailles. There is also a very Victorian feel to the rooms so you feel like you are transported to a fancy NYC or Parisian museum. It is a change of pace from all of the very modern and sleek architecture of newer restaurants in New York.

Swag bag was a gift from the birthday girl.
The menu transports you to a Parisian Cafe. We even had a French speaking waitress who was so super sweet.
But first, coffee.
Perfectly scrambled eggs.
While strolling through Soho, I came across the new Zara store. There was a garden trellis arching over the entrance of the store with the most amazing fresh flowers. Amazing! Hello Zara!

Happy Birthday Ebony!





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  1. ooh i’ve heard about Laduree! Have you been to Bottega Louie?? Just visited there this past weekend and wrote all about it on a post. So good! I wish I can just bake macaron’s but it’s too technical for me haha.

    1. I have heard of Bottega Louie but I’ve never been. I must check your post to see what the experience is like. I too would love to be able to make a macaron but like you, I lack the expertise 🙂

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