Matcha Latte at Caribeana in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Matcha powder has been used in Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries but there is a huge boom in the use of matcha in coffee shops in and around NYC. A spoonful of matcha powder is said to have the benefits of around  10-12 cups of green tea. The powder is actual ground tea leaves emulsified and grounded into a fine powder and used for making tea.

Now let’s talk about how this has evolved into the matcha latte. New York City has a coffee shop on just about every block. Here in Brooklyn, every new little shop that opens up seems to be a “mom and pop” coffee shop. (FYI, I love a mom and pop and support whenever I can). I was driving in Crown Heights recently and came across a new spot, a Japanese and Caribbean fusion cafe, with a little chalkboard advertising their matcha latte. I pulled over and decided to try it. For $4, I was served a medium sized cup of a smooth latte with all the taste of matcha and no taste of coffee. It was my first taste of the tea and I was pleasantly surprised. The latte starts off with a very green foam but settles into a great pastel green cup of latte. I had it unsweetened and was glad. Glad I tried it and will have it again.

caribeana cafeout
The Caribeana Cafe’s Entrance.


The Matcha Latte!

Caribean Cafe

634 Park Place
Crown Heights, NY 11238
Check out their YELP Page here:



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