Brooklyn Caribbean Eats: Suede

If you are in Brooklyn, NYC, and looking to enjoy great Caribbean food and drinks in an amazingly chic yet chill atmosphere then Suede is your spot. I’ve been wanting to visit for over a year now but just did not get a chance to so I took advantage of a quiet Sunday morning to visit recently.  I brunched with my daughter and we were both impressed by our meal and the service. The waitress was sweet and provided us with smiles and the greatest attention throughout the visit. My daughter had the eggs and roasted potatoes which she enjoyed. She never eats the homefries that come with the morning meals but this was an exception. I had the bake and saltfish which was tasty and transported me to the islands immediately.

Less than a week later I visited Suede again just to dine on their outdoor patio. The only thing missing from the patio is a view of the beach! There is a cool little fountain in the middle of the patio that leaves a hum of falling water and the rich brown patio furniture provides the most serene feel. The vibes are enhanced even more by the mix of Buju and 90s reggae spinning in the background.

Let’s take a look at my evening at Suede:


Catch the amazing sunset on Clarendon Road at around 7:30pm.
Pulled out some sexy sandals for the evening.
How cute is this setup?!
I love the rich browns and natural wood tones.
Tip: Order the Rum Punch. There is a whole lotta rum and a little punch.
Ric had the Creole Shrimp Pasta which was delish. I opted for 2 appetizers as a meal. There was a pumpkin callaloo soup listed on them menu but not available. There was a fish soup available instead which did not disappoint.  The crabcakes were also great. There was lump crab inside and the aioli was a good compliment. Fresh corn salsa on the side. Yup. 


Close up of the cakes.
Chocolate cake and bread pudding for dessert.
The fountain lights up in the evening. How delightful!

Happy Dining!





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