Essence Magazine and Johnson & Johnson Brings Path to Power: Lessons in Self-Care.

Two brands that we trust when it comes to quality came together and created a panel of women who spoke about the importance of “self-care”. We’ve all heard the term “self-care” before but how many of us really practice the routines and rituals that make self-care necessary. I’m guilty of not always caring for myself the best ways I should. I’ve had to learn the hard way that I have to really have to put on my oxygen mask first. If I don’t care for myself then I cannot care for the ones that I love. As women, there is so much that we are in charge of caring for. We are in charge of taking care of children, spouses, siblings, grandparents, parents, work, friends, you get the message… In all that we do it can be difficult to take the time to care for self but time and time again we learn that we must take the time to care for our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

The message that most resonated with me that evening came from the Chief Diversity Officer at Johnson & Johnson, Ms. Wanda Bryant Hope. She imparted that her most important self-care routine is to ask for help. As a mother and a woman in the workforce I rely on help from family and friends on a daily basis. It is how I keep my family and my life going. No man is an island and no woman is an island either. I had a difficult time asking for help after I had my daughter but learned quickly that this cannot be done solo (and by solo I mean just my husband and I. We are a unit). We have to rely on loved ones and others in our tribe who we trust in order to make our family and our lives work. I also find comfort in the thought that my daughter is surrounded by people who love her and she knows that she is a part of a community of care givers.


The knowledgeable group of women who presented on self-care.


The Path to Power event was held at the chic boutique hotel, The Redbury New York. As you entered the event space on the second floor you were greeted with champas, beautifully displayed Essence Magazines and leaflets on health and well-being.
The weather in NYC was gorgeous. It was a perfect October evening and as a result, the event participants took advantage of the spacious terrace.
So let us talk about this Power Punch. I felt like I was instantly transported to Jamaica, W.I. after I took a sip. The lime and cane syrup did the trick.


I had 2 glasses but who’s keeping count.
All of the other options that the ladies also had on hand to try.
As you walked into the actual event space there was a table where you were able to get a hand massage from women who’s hands were magical. The hand massage felt like a whole body massage.
In the world of social media image is everything. How wonderful for Essence and J&J to have a photographer in-house to capture a professional headshot of you? Did I mention that all of this was for free? On the house.
Eagerly awaiting the panel was a full room of women. The room was to capacity by the time the ladies came in to speak. There were many young women (I really appreciated that. If you learn self-care at a young age then you are far ahead of the game) in the crowd but women of all ages came out to support and hear some grains of wisdom. The energy of the crowd was supportive and loving.
A lot of thought went into the decor. We all love to be surrounded by beautiful things.
Here they are!! The women were brilliant, witty, open and just overall wonderful.
How exciting! There were goodie bags at the end of the night. What’s inside?
Tada! Goodies from Johnson and Johnson of course. I love that these are all essentials. I’ve been wanting to try the Neutrogena foundation ever since Kerry Washington began advertising for them. I’m stoked!
I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed being in a room full of women who were open in mind and heart.


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