Carol’s Daughter “Black Vanilla” Line: My Favorites

So this one time on Instagram my cousin and I won a Carol’s Daughter and Walmart collab giftcard and I balled out haaaard at I couldn’t have the Walmart in-store experience since, well, there aren’t any Walmart stores in Brooklyn, New York. The online shopping experience was great however. I was able to browse the products very easily and even got a few extra things other than hair products because the prices were that great. I was able to get a watch for my daughter for about 4 bucks. I bought myself a black jumpsuit for under 20 dollars and a microwave egg cooker. Don’t ask me why I got it because I don’t cooks eggs in the microwave but I had about 5 bucks left on my giftcard and I had to pick something up before checking out online.

My hair goodies (and misc goodies) all shipped and were delivered in about a week! Wow! This online shopping business is quite expedient. I have to admit that I am not much of an online shopper. I really like to see the goods that I’m buying. I cannot stand buying something online and have a certain expectation of what the product looks like and then it’s delivered and I’m stuck on sadface. Well, it did not happen here. Walmart delivered!

The Carol’s Daughter products were a real treat. It was great to have the full line and I can’t wait for shampoo days. I’ve used a majority of them before so I am a fan.

Let’s dig into my favorites:

The championship lineup. I made sure to order a shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatment, detangler, curl creme and hairdress. A full line is really essential for styles that are well defined and long lasting.
I have tried the “Hair Milk” and love it but have never tried the “Styling Pudding”. I live for a great curl pudding. I’m not sure how my curls survived before the invention of a good pudding. 
Now THIS “Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner”, I really enjoy using. I spray it directly onto my scalp when my hair is braided or onto my hair when I’m wearing it curly for moisture, shine and just overall healthy hair. It is a staple of mine. 
I’ve tried the “Black Vanilla Shampoo” but this is the first time that I’ll be trying the “Black Vanilla Conditioner”. Did I mention how amazing the Black Vanilla line smells? Yeah, it smells amazing. These two will leave your hair smelling great but not overly perfumed. 
I received a small sample of this “Combing Creme” in an Essence Beauty Box and fell in love instantly. I normally detangle my hair and my daughter’s hair with spray detangler. You know the kids detangler you get from the drugstore. That was my staple but now I have a new one. This creme literally melts the tangles away. It makes combing through freshly washed hair so easy. Great for kids wash days.
This is so nice that I had to list it twice and look, there’s a wuttle baby version! I have been a fan of the “Mimosa Hair Honey” since Carol from Carol’s Daughter was selling her line out of her Brooklyn storefront. I tell you no lies. This pomade and I go way back. This pomade does not leave your hair dry and lackluster after use like most pomades that I use in my daughter’s and my hair. The shine and smoothness that it adds to the hair is incredible. Cruly hair is prone to drynesss but a little bit of this everyday goes a long way and helps to ward off the dryness. 
IMG_1120 (1)

Have you tried this Carol’s Daughter line? How do you like it and what are your favorites?


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