Fashion Week Wrap-Up:Favorite Looks.

Fashion week was in full swing in NYC and the designers did not disappoint. The looks for Winter/Autumn 2016/17 were rich with deep plums, velvet and always the staple, black. Speaking of “Black”, there was a cry for more diversity on the runways recently and Bethann Hardison worked alongside Zac Posen in order to deliver what the people asked for. His models ranged in all hues of Black and were gracefully dressed in shades of plums and wines. The show was amazing. When we speak of diversity, don’t just look at Black and White but also think of body types and age. There were plus sized models (well just regular size in the world that we live in) and models who were over 30 in some shows this year as well. I think the direction that many designers are going in is just fantastic and all women should be celebrated. We are strong and resilient and all different and that is what makes us all so fabulous.

My Favorite Looks from the 2016/17 Runway:

JCrew (always young, fresh and clean). 



Marc Jacobs (Finger Waves and Goth)



Clover Canyon (Cool Chic)

Cynthia Rowley (Pretty Pieces)

Zac Posen (Showstopping! Strong and Elegant)


Which designer pieces were your favorite?



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Those Zac Posen looks were some of my favorite as well! The show was absolutely stunning in person, the embroidery was like a work of art. I just posted about my experience at the show on my blog (it was my first NYFW event!).

    Alicja |

    1. tamaranycc says:

      Amazing that you got a chance to see the show. Yes, the garments were amazing. Will definitely check out your post.

  2. pieceofcakestyle says:

    I’m still swooning over J.Crew!

    1. tamaranycc says:

      JCrew was swoon worthy.

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