Holiday Edition: Saks 5th Avenue’s Christmas Decor.

There is nothing like New York City during the holidays. The brisk cold weather paired with elaborate store windows (Macy’s, Barneys, Bloomingdale’s). Along with the well done windows depicting your favorite holiday movies or plays along with the fashions are the fantastic lights. Saks Fifth Avenue’s store (located on 5th Avenue in NYC) has the greatest light display I’ve ever seen on a storefront. The light motif is illuminated on the front of the building and the light show changes along with the sounds of the most delightful Christmas Carols. The greatest thing about stopping into Saks is that you are across the street from Rockefeller Center where you can view the largest Christmas tree in NYC. What better way to spend the holiday?

Look at those lights!!! The front of Saks 5th Avenue as the lights danced on the front of the building.
The windows were a mix of high fashion and the Christmas classic, The Nutcracker.
Fendi Does Christmas.
Fab fur but I adore the scarf covered coif.  
Lollipop inspired hair.
We walked across the street to Rockefeller Plaza. There were toy soldiers, foil flags and angels made out of lights. Amazing.
A quick stop in the bathroom at Saks just because the mirror is a good one.
Go visit and see for yourself.


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