What is Your Passion?


Passion. When I used to think of the word, I thought of romance and steamy love affairs but did not really think of “passion” as being how you want to walk through the world. Your passion is what makes you happy, thrive, and wake up in the morning. I’ve learned that your passion does not always have to be the way you earn a living. It would be optimal if your checks came through you living your passion but let’s face it, that is not a fact for most of us. Our passion, the thing that wakes us in the morning, does not always pay the bills but please believe that while you are paying those bills you must have a reason to rise.

How to Find Your Passion:

  1. What is the “thing” that you think of or do most often? Figure out what it is and embrace it. Don’t be afraid of what your friends or family thinks.
  2. Do it!! There are so many free or super inexpensive mediums now for everyone to express themselves through. If you love art then create it. If you love to write then write. You will find your voice when you begin to create.
  3. Grow and become comfortable in your own skin because there is no better place to be.

What is your passion and how do you foster it on a daily basis?





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