I Am The American Dream; Thanks to People Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Remember a few years back when Diddy, well maybe it was Puff Daddy back then, rocked that “I Am The American Dream” t-shirt? I remember. It really spoke to me. The message about living the American Dream, in actuality, being the American Dream. I’m an immigrant. I came to this country from Jamaica at the age of 8. I’ve attended elementary, middle, high school and college in America. I am close to my Jamaican roots but like most immigrants I am striving for the American Dream. I identify as an American. This culture (American) is who I am. If you dropped me off in Jamaica right now I would be able to survive but I would have some time getting used to the culture. I’m fast moving, fast talking and suspicious of most people and places; that I will attribute to being raised in New York City. I vote in damn near every election and take my rights seriously. I have admiration and respect for people who fought for my right to be treated like a human being in the country that I call home. We must all pay homage. When we look at men like Diddy who are multi-millionaires (he is only the archetype because there are many Black people who are enjoying wealth and status in America) I can only think of the beauty of the American Dream. We strive for it daily. It stems from the cries of immigrants and the former enslaved. We work for it because we helped build it. I am the american dream…..

Diddy: The American Dream
Diddy: The American Dream

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