The Big Easy: A Day In New Orleans

The French Quarter in the city of New Orleans is like no other place in America. You feel like you have been transported back into time when you walk the streets of the French Quarter. The beautiful French inspired buildings with their wooden shutters and iron antique workings allows for a feel that you can get nowhere else. The Quarters is best travelled by foot so you get the chance to see every building and every corner to establish your favorite street all on your very own.

Let’s Take a Day Trip to New Orleans! 

Stay: The Jung Hotel 

Now, this is a hotel located on Canal Street, a very big and busy street in New Orleans. The hotel is situated right outside of the French Quarter but you can easily walk to the action or jump on the Canal Street Streetcar that stops right outside of the hotel’s doors. The hotel is historic but you don’t feel like it is because everything about this property is modern and luxe. The guest room is very spacious. The staff, friendly and helpful. Plus, there is spa water waiting for you at the hotel’s entrance and by their rooftop pool. It’s necessary for the New Orleans Summer heat.


Check in, now let’s go eat!

New Orleans Eats: There are many historic restaurants and places where you must eat when visiting New Orleans and the French Quarter so you will need more than a day to do that. This is an eating town y’all! We decided to pay a visit to Antoine’s Restaurant for their famous lunch spacial. The lunch costs the same as the year we are in, 2019 or $20.19, and the cocktail special is a quarter. Oh yes!

I always get the fried chicken and greens when I visit a Southern Restaurant. It’s a staple for a reason, it’s good.


Picked up some crawfish near the French Market an hour or so after lunch. I had to, it’s mandatory when in New Orleans to have it. I was only doing what was right.
Dinner was gumbo. Say No More.
Dessert, beignets from Cafe Du Monde. After that, we walked along the dark Mississippi River and listened to her smooth sounds brought on by her waves.

Sights: The most comprehensive list of “Things to Do” that I found was on the official website for travel to New Orleans, The Visit New Orleans IG is also great. We had limited time so we took a ride on the famous St. Charles Streetcar to visit the “Garden District.” It is called The Garden District for a reason. There are trees and greenery everywhere and one house is more magnificent than the other. We then traveled back to the French Quarter just to stroll her famous streets and marvel at the architecture. We paid a visit to Jackson Square to visit the St. Louis Cathedral, my favorite building in the French Quarter.


St. Louis Cathedral, a sanctuary that looks like a castle at Disney world. Magnificent.


Marie Laveau, said to be a voodoo priestess, is one of the French Quarter’s most famous residents.
So much to see on Bourbon Street. Stop and listen to some of the live music being played inside some of the bars. Fun.
We also paid a visit to the Hermann Grima House at Angelique’s request because it was featured on “American Horror Story.” 
We had the docent all to ourselves and I love history so I was in heaven.
This courtyard was magical.


We were walking through the Quarter and stumbled on a talk being given by the descendants of “Plessy” and “Ferguson” from the famous Supreme Court case which made the concept of “Separate but Equal” constitutional. 
They are now working together to bridge the gap of educational and economic divide in New Orleans.
An antique shop on Royal Street with the most beautiful structure and furnishings.


…What a day, goodnight New Orleans.

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